The Facts—About Our Help


Operation Save the Streets is committed to maximizing the benefit of every dollar to those in need on the streets of our communities. Thanks to corporate partners and community member donations, we present people in need with:

  • hot, nutritious meals
  • warm blankets, cleaned on a regular basis
  • 17 items crucial to personal care, health & hygiene
  • clothing for everyday wear and job search or performance
  • job referrals & counseling

Each year in November, March, June and August, we distribute our 17 items kits to the public. Blanket service, delivering blankets for cold nights and returning to clean them periodically before return at nightfall, commences as needed. Free dinners are held every 2nd Friday at 6pm with the help of our partners at the Grace Resource Center. Benefit dinners are held periodically so check our Events calendar. 

$1 can provide a warm meal or a 17 Items kit to a person in need

Without the support of our distinguished corporate partners, we could not have served the over 7,300 souls we have to date. Stomachs don't stay full for long, and the line of those in need will always be present. We are deeply grateful for ongoing support from the private and public sectors that allow our operation to not only fulfill past goals, but grow to touch more people, in more places. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact us  

Through our partnership with, Operation Save the Streets is an official "Smile" organization. We receive a small benefit for all purchases made in our name. To set Operation Save the Streets as your recipient of Amazon "Smile" funds, click here