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Help us pass out warm balanced meals, personal hygiene kits, clean clothes, PPE items and we also give teenagers ages 12-21 a platform to help and feed the vulnerable community but most importantly we give hope! Our chapters goes out once a month towards the end of the month because that’s when people need the most help!

Also, each year in November, March, June and August, we distribute our 17 items kits to the public. Blanket service, delivering blankets for cold nights and returning to clean them periodically before return at nightfall, commences as needed. 

Refer Employment

What's the core cause of homelessness? How do we end it? Gainful employment. If you have jobs for veterans or other homeless citizens, please contact us → 

Feed the Community

Free dinners are held every 2nd Friday at 6pm with the help of our partners at the Grace Resource Center. Benefit dinners are held periodically so check our Events calendar below for more details.

Spread the Word

Thanks to social media platforms, the world has become just small enough to wrap our arms around. Give us a hug, by spreading the word on social media platforms about our purpose and our projects in service of the community. Sharing is caring. 

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Corporate Support

We enjoy the loving partnership of companies like Wells Fargo®, Bolton®, Smart & Final®, and many more. There is no US, without THEM. To contribute funding, goods or services to support homeless recovery, please contact us →

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